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Finley Enterprises will design, install and support a surveillance system with most technologically advanced cameras strategically placed inside and outside your residence or business. You can watch video from any designated area in your residence/business on any connected TV or dedicated monitor. Plus, when you’re on-the-go, keep an eye on your home or business, with secure real-time video, using any web-enabled computer, smart phone, or iPad.  Enjoy the freedom and peace of mind to disarm or arm your alarm, checking in on your residence/business video surveillancevirtually from anywhere in the world.


We install state-of-the-art surveillance cameras that offers our clients the power of viewing live and playback video from their cameras anywhere in the world, with crystal clear megapixel resolution. Our cameras remove the complexity of network powered devices, eliminate wasteful separate cables for power and control -- ultimately delivering unbeatable image quality and features.

Support your highly-advanced cameras with powerful and user friendly video management solution with unmatched bandwidth capabilities, remarkably optimized to provide unlimited scalability, and user-friendly system setup and management.  Only Finley Enterprises understands the complexity of an extraordinaire surveillance system solution. Trust YOUR security to US!!!


When it's all said and done, surveillance systems are useless without the proper video management software. Finley Enterprises specializes in using cutting-edge software that is fast, light and powerful. Most importantly, extremely easy-to-use.  Thumbnail Search, Calendar Search, Smart Motion Search are just few of the vast line of features. Plus, you can connect & view your cameras on-the-go on your smartphone or tablet. 

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