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Data & Voice Cabling carries the lifeblood of your organization - information. An efficient cabling system is the integral piece of any structured designed network. Finley Enterprises is the "one stop shop" for all your organization data/voice infrastructure needs. We design, install and support cabling infrastructures throughout Houston, Texas and beyond - structured network cabling systems that support the numerous voice, data, video and multimedia systems of your organization. The performance of a network depends directly upon the quality of its cabling components such as Category 5, Category 6, or Fiber Optic. as  Our trained professionals have over 15 years of expertise installation experience. Our clients revel in the quality of having their cabling projects superbly accomplished in a cost effective manner.


Fiber optic cabling is installed for cabling systems  that carry  high demand to transmit data at ever increasing rates. In today's high speed networks,  fiber optic cable is used to improve light transmission over long distances.


Cat5/Cat 6 cabling gives you the ability to power phones, surveillance cameras, Wireless Access Points (WAPs), and various other electronic devices in your organization. Another advantage is the capability to have an emergency power supply that will continue powering mission critical devices even when the electricity fails.


Proper network cabling done to industry standards can save your organizations literally thousands of dollars. Finley Enterprises expertly devise cabling solutions for any diverse and demanding application to ensure consistent performance for all installed cables. 

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