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At Finley Enterprises we offer a dynamic blend of the best audio brands available for any business application. Leveraging the expertise honed by years of precision sound production and technical innovations, we can provide your business with top-quality components to deliver a high-performance yet affordable sound system. Finley Enterprises incorporates a vast selection of integrated mixer-amplifiers, amps, ceiling speakers, and wall controllers to deliver precise, reliable sound in any commercial application, from soothing spas to bustling business envirnments. As your single-brand source, we simplify the search for high-performance, comprehensive and versatile audio solutions for your business.

audio system

Finley Enterprises installs excellent performance speakers for paging and background music applications for all commercial clients.


Finley Enterprises installs highly-efficient amplifier or mixer  that is designed and built for commercial sound applications. Offering unmatched ease of use, with a industrial grade tool that allows volume controls for each channel, master volume adjustment, adjustable bass and treble controls and a power switch. 

Remote control
Wall control

Pull your audio system all together with the right remote control.  Remote wall controls allow you to remotely select the source and simultaneously control the volume on the mixer. Featuring a sleek interface and user-friendly controls, rest assure that your customers will enjoy elegant crystal-clear sounds.

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