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In the last decade, electronic access control systems have become the most vital aspect of many company's security measures. Access control provides an extremely effective means of granting entry to personnel who need it, while maintaining the security and accessibility of your employees and customers.  Consequently, access control systems can often reduce costs of guard services and re-keying locksets, while providing a higher level of security for your business. On the same note,  nowadays, many homeowners are instituting electronic driveway gates for added safety and security for their children, loved ones, and pets. For over 15 years, Finley Enterprises has been providing access control solutions for residential and commercial clients in Texas and beyond.  Our custom access control systems are user friendly, economical, and can be managed off-site remotely or handle multiple sites. Moreover, these systems can be integrated with your Security and/or Fire Alarm System.



Are these your concerns?


  • Employee Safety

  • Customer Safety

  • Inside Theft

  • Tampering of Confidential Records

  • Disgruntled Ex-Employees with keys

  • Assets & Liability

  • Vandalism


If so, Finley Enterprises is here to help!

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