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At Finley Enteprises, our residential clientele are markedly delivered custom home theater design, home automation, whole house audio, outdoor entertainment, and security sytems for their dwellings. Our astute team of professionally trained installers can design and install an ingenious custom home theater design or media room specifically tailored to your desires. More importantly, our resourceful team provide support services for our workmanship to ensure comple, fully-functioning audio/video & security design for years to come.  Our residential services include: home theater, home automation, surround-sound, whole-house audio, outdoor entertainment, burglar alarms,  and surveillance system. 


Finley Enterprises has a brilliant team of installers dedicated to realizing the home theater design of your dreams. Utilizing the latest and most innovative technology products in the industry such as sreens, speakers, digital theater sound components, touch panels, and televisions - we create and construct a magnificent theater experience in the privacy of your own home. Moreover, we partner with the industry top vendors for theater seating, lighting, acoustics, flooring, and more to complete the custom look and feel for your home theater.



Control your home, just the way you want it, with Finley Enterprises. Life just runs so much smoother when we are able to exercise a little control.  Set the lighting and ambiance within your home with the simple touch of your finger from your custom home automation system markedly developed and designed by Finley Enterprises. Imagine your home automatically locking itself in the evening and window treatments that close as soon as the sun goes down;   or imagine a whole-house that automates its own lights, and sound and picture on its screens with just one touch. With Finley Enterprises everything works together the way you want it to. Life is just simpler and remarkably better!



Want a rich, crystal-clear sound throughout your home theater, house or exterior? If the answer is yes, know that Finley Enterprises can design and install surround sound systems in your home to create incredible sound that encompasses the world of music and media throughout your home. With over fifteen years’ as industry leaders, we possess the technical knowledge and vast experience to deliver the audio system that precisely suits your needs, based on your specific listening habits and lifestyle, as well as the room acoustics, furnishings, construction materials and size.



Finley Enterprises design, install and provide support services for your custom whole house audio system to innovatively bring music to every room in your home. Distributing audio throughout your home not only allows access to all of your music in any room but the options of communicating between rooms, whole house paging and exterior door station communication for added convenience and security. With a push of a button on an in-wall controller, your iPad, or your smart phone, you can command the whole audio system to play your selected music where you want at any volume you wish. Moreover, we integrate your new system with your existing home theater system or  home automation system for superlative convenience and enjoyment. 



Our expertise in audio/video systems reach beyond the walls of your home. With flat panel televisions, large projection screens and speakers, Finley Enterprises can make the outside of your home just as entertaining as the inside. Adding exterior audio and video to your home allows you to expand your home entertainment system to be enjoyed while lounging outdoors with friends and family. Finley Enterprises is knowledgeable in the harsh climate your audio/video components can endure from the different seasons, so we safeguard our products to ensure that the utmost quality is used in every outdoor music system. Entrust Finley Enterprises to transform your home’s exterior into a tranquil retreat for all of your family and friends to enjoy for years to come.



Finley Enterprises offers a variety of security systems solutions to protect your home, loved ones, pets, and personal documentation from predators and nuisances. Giving you a peace of mind is invaluable and our top priority. From burglar alarm monitoring, surveillance cameras, and controlled access we can outfit your home with a customized security system specifically tailored to your home and family's needs. Furthermore, Finley Enterprises integrates your security system into your home’s automation system, just like all the other devices in your home. Your system will be available to you anytime, anywhere. For over 15 years, our licensed and professionally trained technicians has designed and installed thousands of security systems for customers that are concerned with safety and the security of their families and personal property.




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