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Control your home, just the way you want it, with Finley Enterprises. Life just runs so much smoother when we are able to exercise a little control.  Set the lighting and ambiance within your home with the simple touch of your finger from your custom home automation system markedly developed and designed by Finley Enterprises. Imagine your home automatically locking itself in the evening and window treatments that close as soon as the sun goes down;   or imagine a whole-house that automates its own lights, and sound and picture on its screens with just one touch. With Finley Enterprises everything works together the way you want it to. Life is just simpler and remarkably better!


Your Home Automation system can be controlled on-site and remotely via computer, smartphone, or tablet. Using the latest in Home Automation technology, you can control the following:



Heating and Cooling


Security and Surveillance

Multi-Room Audio/Video

Access and Gate Control

Window Shades

Home Network

Ipad/Iphone/Smartphone/Tablet Integration

Intercom System

Smart/Green Home


Exercise Your Power. Anytime. Anywhere. 24/7

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