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Finley Enterprises design, installs and provide support services for your custom whole house audio system to innovatively bring music to every room in your home. Distributing audio throughout your home not only allows access to all of your music in any room but the options of communicating between rooms, whole house paging and exterior door station communication for added convenience and security. With a push of a button on an in-wall controller, your iPad, or your smart phone, you can command the whole audio system to play your selected music where you want at any volume you wish. Moreover, we integrate your new system with your existing home theater system or  home automation system for superlative convenience and enjoyment. 


Benefits of Whole House Audio includes:


Listen to all music  including your iTunes library, FM/AM/Satellite and Internet radio, streaming music, CD library, or PC audio

A variety of music selections playing in different rooms and exterior simultaneously 

Communicate with visitors at door stations

Page and talk with your family and loved ones between rooms

Circulation of sound to all interior and exterior speakers


Surround yourself with the sounds you love. Let Finley Enterprises give you the whole house audio system of your wildest imagination.

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